Ananda Wisdom Series

Join us for inspiration and lively discussion based on selected talks by Swami Kriyananda from Ananda’s Treasures Along the Path, recorded talk-of-the-month collection.

Smiling swami with master blessing

2016 Fall Series:    Saturdays  2:00-4:30 pm

October 8:   Spiritualizing Daily Life

November 5:  The Meaning of Inner Communion


In each month’s talk, Swami shares his wisdom about how to live more and more on a Superconscious level to bring greater awareness and deeper joy into our daily lives. We’ll explore techniques and spiritual practices that will help us to expand our consciousness and unite ourselves more deeply with divine energy and joy.

Each class will include affirmations, chanting, listening to a recorded talk, inner journaling experiences, and lively discussion.

$15 donation includes an in-depth study guide.

Special Discount for Attendees: 

All participants will receive a special opportunity to order the Treasures Along the Path talk after each session:

CD Format:  $10.00 each,         MP3 Format:      $6.00 each


To register, call Marlene at (530) 343-0819 or send us an email: