Information for First Timers

Our meditation sessions usually include the following:

  • Energization Exercises: Developed by Paramhansa Yogananda, these powerful techniques of tensing and relaxing the muscles draws energy into the body.


  • Superconscious Living Exercises: Developed by Swami Kriyananda to lift our spirits and energize the body and mind.


  • Opening Prayer: We ask for blessings from our line of gurus. Attendees may pray responsively with the meditation leader.

  • Chanting: Singing simple verses helps to take us inward and open the heart for meditation.

  • Silent Meditation: Feel free to use any technique that is familiar to you. The meditation leader will announce the length of the meditation and may guide newcomers into meditation. If you cannot meditate for the entire time, feel free to leave quietly. It is difficult for most beginners to sit for more than a few minutes. Meditate for as long as it remains a joyful experience.

  • Meditation ends with the chanting of “Aum.” For longer meditations, Aum may be chanted about half-way through as a signal to those who need to leave early.



  • Healing Prayers: We ask Divine Mother to make us channels to bring healing to those in need and to bring peace to our planet.






Meditation is usually done in a seated position, either on the floor or in a chair. There are meditation props available for your use: folding chairs, pillows, blankets, and meditation benches.


If you need to enter late or leave early, please move about as quietly as possible.

Most people prefer to meditate on an empty stomach.


Donations are welcomed and appreciated!